The Largest Dinosaur Fossil Ever Found In Europe Was Discovered By Accident In A Yard

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According to various stories, a Portuguese man’s home may have been the location where one of the most significant dinosaur discoveries in Europe was uncovered.

According to the University of Lisbon, an excavation of a large brachiosaur was finished earlier in the month of August. The site was located in the city of Pombal, which is around 40 kilometers from Coimbra.

In 2017, a local resident was working on a construction project on his land in Pombal when he stumbled across the fossils for the very first time. During the course of the job, he became aware of the fossils that were buried in his yard and got in touch with the experts. The next year saw the beginning of excavation activities at the location in question.

These efforts ultimately bore fruit in August of this year, when complete fossils were obtained. The experts think that the species was a sauropod belonging to the family Brachiosauridae. Based on the vertebrae and ribs that have been discovered so far, they have come to this conclusion. This particular group of dinosaurs existed from the Upper Jurassic to the Late Cretaceous, which spans a time period of 160 million to 100 million years ago. They are distinguished by the advanced development of their forelimbs. They were herbivorous dinosaurs that moved on all fours and had long necks and tails. They were also quite long.

According to the university, the researchers have discovered the ribs and a few vertebrae of the creature, and they are now looking for the rest of its bones. These gigantic plant eaters were the biggest of all terrestrial dinosaurs and could grow to a length of around 82 feet and a height of approximately 39 feet. Their necks and tails were also rather lengthy. According to the university, once the site has been completely excavated, it has the potential to be one of the largest dinosaur discovery in Europe.

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