Total Lunar Eclipse Happening Tomorrow Night, And You’re Going To Want To Take A Look

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On Tuesday, a total lunar eclipse will take place, and considering that the next one won’t take place for another three years, now might be a good opportunity to take a look. This is the Beaver Blood Moon and it is the first blood moon of the year.

At precisely 3:02 in the morning, the first phase of the eclipse will begin. After that, the partial eclipse will start at 4:09 in the morning. When viewed with the naked eye, it appears as though a chunk is being removed from the surface of the moon. At 5:17 in the morning, the moon will reach its full phase and will run approximately two hours and fifteen minutes.

People living in western Venezuela and Peru, as well as North and Central America, Colombia, as well as western Colombia will be likely to witness the total eclipse. People in Alaska and Hawaii will be the only ones on the planet who will be able to witness the total eclipse. It is advisable to be in a dark region with minimum light pollution if you want to get the finest view possible.

When the Sun, Earth, and moon are all in the same position, we see a lunar eclipse. The moon is fully covered by the shadow of the Earth when there is a total eclipse of the moon. Throughout a lunar eclipse, the small amount of sunlight that is available travels through the Earth’s atmosphere to reach the moon. This causes the moon to take on a reddish hue, giving rise to the phenomenon’s common moniker of “blood moon.” The moon appears to have a deeper shade of red in proportion to how hazy or dirty the atmosphere is.

The phrase “Beaver Blood Moon” originates from an allusion to the period of the year when beavers and other animals were quickly amassing food stockpiles and concealing them for the next winter.

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