Time Travel is Possible, but There’s a Catch

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Time travel, the stuff of science fiction and countless blockbuster movies! The idea of hopping in a DeLorean, hitting 88 mph, and zooming back or forward through the annals of history is enough to make any nerd’s heart race. But is it really possible?

According to the laws of physics, it’s a tricky business. You see, time is a dimension, just like length, width, and height. And, just like those other dimensions, it can be warped and distorted by the presence of massive objects. So, while we may not have a functional time machine to hop into just yet, the possibility of manipulating time through the manipulation of space-time is not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

We need a universe that spins

Kurt Gödel, a friend of Albert Einstein, became curious about the famous General Theory of Relativity and its potential for time travel into the past. Gödel found that if the Universe is rotating, time travel into the past can occur by following a specific path, according to Universe Today. However, this creates paradoxes and violates causality. The Universe is not rotating, so it’s not possible to travel in time in the past, but Gödel’s discovery raises questions about the incompleteness of General Relativity.

To travel through time, one would have to travel a vast distance, equivalent to billions of light-years, which would make him caught in a rotating Universe. While on this journey, the rotation of the Universe would affect both space and time, altering your potential paths and making it possible to return to the starting point but in the past. This idea of backward time travel raises logical and conceptual issues as it goes against our understanding of cause and effect. What we know for sure is that the Universe is NOT rotating.

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be able to take a vacation to the distant past and witness the signing of the Magna Carta or see the pyramids being built. Or, perhaps we’ll be able to zip forward into the future and see how humanity has fared. But, until then, we’ll just have to settle for watching “Back to the Future” on repeat.

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