2023 DZ2 Asteroid Measures 71 Meters Wide and It Approaches Earth – Will It Hit?

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Astronomers have recently detected a new asteroid named 2023 DZ2, which is expected to pass by Earth on March 25, 2023. The asteroid was discovered at the La Palma observatory in late February 2023 and is part of the Apollo group of asteroids. Its estimated size is around 233 feet (71 meters) in diameter, according to EarthSky.

This asteroid is expected to pass by Earth at a distance that is less than half the distance from the moon. Although the closest approach is predicted to occur at roughly 17:02 UTC (1:02 p.m. EDT) on March 25, even more observations may be necessary to refine the details of its trajectory.

Earth will be safe

While 2023 DZ2 is categorized as an Apollo asteroid, which has a larger orbit around the Sun than Earth, it is not considered a threat to our planet. In fact, amateur astronomers may even be able to observe the asteroid as it zooms by. The charts at the end of this article show its predicted path. As with most asteroids that pass by Earth, 2023 DZ2 might remind us of the importance of persistent research and observation of near-Earth objects in order to better understand and potentially mitigate any possible risks in the future.

Astronomers are discovering new asteroids in space very frequently, including larger ones. The frequency of these discoveries can vary more or less depending on various factors, such as the size and location of the space rock, as well as the sensitivity of the telescopes and other instruments used for detection.

Although larger asteroids are less common than smaller ones, they can still be detected relatively frequently. As of February 2023, NASA has identified over 17,500 near-Earth objects (NEOs), including asteroids and comets, with more than 2,000 classified as potentially hazardous asteroids. This discovery highlights the importance of continuous monitoring and study of such objects to prevent any potential risks to our planet.



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