You Can Repel Mosquitoes With These Colors!

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As annoying as they might be, mosquitoes can ruin your day big time. But they’re essential in nature, similar to other animals. Still, how can you keep mosquitoes away and enjoy your day? It’s pretty easy if you’re wearing the right colors!

Thanks to researchers from the University of Washington, we’ve got quite a method when it comes to repelling mosquitoes! Apparently, some hues ‘scare off’ mosquitoes, while others draw them in. Do you feel like wearing colorful clothes this summer? Well, let’s look into the research and find out what are some of the best colors to keep away the mosquitoes.

Colors, Colors, Keep Mosquitoes Away!

According to the research, the mosquito’s olfactory sense affects how it reacts to visual signals and color. It’s pretty intriguing, considering how small they are and how much of an impact can simple things, like colors, could have upon them.

However, the preference for one color only manifests when carbon dioxide is present. Let’s see what colors can repel mosquitoes!


Mosquitoes probably find purple boring because they don’t bother getting too close to purple things! But what’s the reason?

That’s mostly due to violet being the hue with the shortest wavelength among all visible light colors. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! And the thing with mosquitoes is that they favor long-wavelength, such as red and orange tones, big time!


That’s quite funny! A researcher kept their bare hands outside the test room, which the mosquitoes were lured to based on the current study. In contrast, mosquitoes disregarded the same researcher’s hand right when it was placed inside the test chamber while wearing a green glove. As a result, quite shocking, the mosquito was flying right by it.


Moreover, the study found that blue was unpopular with mosquitoes, which are known to be attracted to darker hues. Lighter blues actually reflect more heat and light, which repels mosquitoes, in contrast to the heat-absorbing, navy-blue tones.

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