The 1994 XD Asteroid is the Size of a Mountain, and It’s Coming Fast – Are You Ready?

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Who’s a fan of huge asteroids coming toward our planet from the depths of the Solar System? Well, perhaps nobody, if you’re not somehow the embodiment of the famous Joker character who “just wants to see the world burn,” as the famous line of Alfred from The Dark Knight wrote.

Another huge asteroid is coming toward our planet, and it will make a close approach today, June 12. The space rock is the size of 84 orcas put together, according to Health Thoroughfare. But will the asteroid hit us? Will it pass by? Will it allow us to continue our struggle toward our goals, or will it shatter all of our dreams? Feel free to keep reading to find out!

1994 XD will safely pass by Earth

It seems that, once again, somebody up there loves us. That’s because asteroid 1994 XD will pass by our planet without posing any threat to life on Earth. It’s not mandatory to be a scientist to realize that the 1994 XD asteroid has some serious destructive potential.

Flying through space alongside two other asteroids, the colossal cosmic boulder known as 488453 (1994 XD) has an estimated diameter of up to 830 meters. The imposing size places the asteroid in the league of impressive celestial giants, even though it falls short when compared to behemoths such as 16 Psyche and Ceres.

To provide some context, you can envision a string of approximately 84 magnificent orcas stretched out end to end, and you’ll grasp the sheer scale of the 1994 XD asteroid’s diameter.

NASA is constantly on the lookout for huge and dangerous asteroids that could approach our planet and cause damage. But even so, there’s no such thing as a 100 percent guarantee that NASA can save us from Armageddon if it ever comes. That’s a disturbing thought that we all have to learn how to deal with, at least until Bruce Willis decides to take the role of Harry Stamper once again.

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