SpaceX: Watch Falcon 9’s 12th Incredible Launch to Space

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On Sunday evening (June 18), SpaceX was able to carry out a successful launch of its most recent mission from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. After a delay of 15 minutes caused by the severe winds, the rocket finally lifted off from the launchpad at 6:21 p.m. ET. During this mission, a Falcon 9 launcher, which was on its 12th flight, was used to launch an Indonesian communications satellite into orbit. That’s wonderful, isn’t it?! Have a look at the event below:

Back in April, the rocket underwent its test flight. However, it was unable to achieve orbit due to an explosion that occurred in the middle of the mission. Fortunately, that didn’t stop SpaceX! And here’s one inspiring perspective. When the development of the Starship is done, NASA plans to deploy it for trips to the moon and maybe Mars as well. Both the Starship and Super Heavy are intended for many launches, but they still have a lot to achieve to reach Falcon 9’s success.

Falcon 9’s Recent Milestone Details

The first-stage rocket successfully returned to Earth a little over eight minutes after launch and made a flawless landing on the A Shortfall of Gravitas drone-ship that was waiting in the Atlantic Ocean close off the coast of Florida. And here’s another great thing. The SATRIA-1 satellite was successfully put into orbit around 37 minutes after it was launched into space. Neat!

Even though this was the booster’s 12th launch, SpaceX has two additional Falcon 9 rockets that have shared a record 15 missions apiece. In addition, SpaceX just accomplished the landing of their orbital-class rocket for the 200th time.

Moreover, in addition to using its Falcon 9 flight system for satellite launches, SpaceX also utilizes it for cargo and crewed missions to the ISS (International Space Station). Additionally, SpaceX used its rocket for a private journey with nonprofessional astronauts back in 2021. This mission lasted three days.

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