Easy Step-by-step Yoga: 4 Poses to Practice Daily At Home

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Doing yoga on a regular basis can help decrease your heart rate, as well as your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels. However, there is more to it than that. In point of fact, yoga is an age-old practice that consists of holding several postures or poses and switching between them in a certain order. In addition to this, it places an emphasis on improving one’s flexibility and strength, and it also makes use of various breathing methods and meditation in order to achieve this goal. Continue reading down below.

We put together a simple step-by-step guide on how to accomplish a little bit of that, as well as some of the greatest yoga positions that you may add to your regular practice.

Four of the Most Effective Yoga Poses That Will Improve Your Health

1) Utkatasana

  • Squatting is a must for this posture, so make sure you get into that position.
  • Make a crouching motion like you’re sitting in a chair.
  • Raise your arms above your head and maintain them there in a straight position, pointing towards the ceiling.
  • Maintain this posture for thirty seconds, and at a minimum, do it four to five times.

2) Bhujangasana

  • Lay down on the ground with your face pointing toward the floor.
  • Now, position your hands so they are facing outward and slowly elevate your torso.
  • At this stage, the only portions of your body that should be in contact with the ground are your hands and your lower body.
  • Keep your body in this posture for thirty seconds, then release.
  • Three to four times on a daily basis.
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3) Tadasana

  • Maintain an upright stance with your shoulders and legs at the same distance from one another.
  • Raise your hands so that they are towards the ceiling.
  • Spread your hands apart and raise your arms as high as you can.
  • At this moment, bring your hands together and entangle them so that your palms are facing up toward the ceiling.
  • You are strongly urged to glance toward the direction of the sky.
  • Tend to this stretch for ten seconds, then do it three to five more times.

4) Vrikshasana

  • Maintain an erect stance.
  • Raise your arms upwards and keep them out in front of you in a straight line.
  • Now, elevate one of your legs and place your foot on the thigh of the opposite leg.
  • You have the option of resting your right foot on the side of your left knee or any place from that point up to your thigh.
  • In a perfect world, your foot would be perched as high on your thigh as it possibly could be.
  • Maintain this posture for thirty seconds, and at a minimum, do it four to five times.

If you have a bit of yoga experience, it will help to share your experience with us below in the comments!

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