Does Upneeq Come With Any Side Effects? See Exactly How This Works For Your Tired Eyes

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People frequently associate drooping eyelids with becoming older, although anybody can experience droopy lids at any point. Something as simple as a drooping eyelid may be a major impediment to your daily life and even put your safety at risk. For people who have developed ptosis (droopy eyelids) as an adult, Upneeq could be the solution since it effectively treats the condition without the need for surgery. What are Upneeq’s benefits? Well, as is always the case, there are differing points of view, and some are concerned that this medication may have adverse effects.

Upneeq has a few potential drawbacks that we need to consider. Keep in mind that you should talk to a doctor about any health worries you have. Read more below.

How Does Upneeq Exactly Work?

The active ingredient in Upneeq is oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution, which has been shown effective in treating drooping eyelids. You simply just place one drop of the prescribed eye drop in the afflicted eye under the drooping eyelid once a day. Upneeq eye drops are one of the easiest and least complicated therapies for droopy eyelids. Check out some information backed up by a study!

Upneeq has been demonstrated in studies to increase eyelid muscle function and strength in 87% of patients after just one treatment. Furthermore, at least 50% of the study subjects progressed within the first two weeks. That’s quite impressive, isn’t it?!

Are there any negative reactions to Upneeq?

Recurrent redness or red blood vessels in the eye are the worst that might happen, although this is also a “risk” when using Visine or any other eye drop for irritation or redness. So, if this happens to you while using Upneeq is not a huge issue. Still, you can discuss it with your ophthalmologist at any time!

Upneeq’s Benefits and Drawbacks

There are both benefits and drawbacks to using Upneeq eye drops, just like any other product.

Among the benefits are:

  • One simple eye drop once a day.
  • The time it takes to observe benefits from the first dose is rather short.
  • Strengthens eyelids with time.
  • The duration of action is up to eight hours.

The drawbacks include:

  • Not something you can pick up at the local drugstore without a doctor’s note.
  • Not offered in the states of Arkansas or Washington, D.C.
  • Drops must be applied to the eyes daily, which might be annoying if you don’t enjoy getting drops.

If you want your ophthalmologist’s complete backing and understanding of the Upneeq therapy, you should discuss it with them. Keep in mind that the things that help other people might not help you in the same way.

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