Do You Know How Much Fertility Treatments Cost? Oral Medications to In Vitro Fertilization

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There are many different kinds of conceiving a baby aid, and some of them can cost as much as $100,000, while others might cost as little as $5 per month. Even though it may seem like a complicated journey, if you are well-informed and ready for anything that may come your way, you can get to where you want! Keep in mind that your age, history of medical conditions, and the results of fertility tests will help your doctor evaluate which fertility treatments may be most effective for you. Therefore, you shouldn’t put too much faith in the advice of your friends or other similar sources of information. What is successful for one individual could not provide the same outcomes for you.

See below for a list of some of the most frequent therapies for fertility, along with their costs (the prices may vary a lot based on the region).

1. Oral Medication

Oral fertility drugs, such as Clomid and Femara, are among the most prevalent types of fertility treatment. If you do not have health insurance, a normal cycle consisting of oral medicine, IUI, and ultrasound monitoring might cost between $500 and $700 per month.

2. The Donation of Eggs and Sperm

The cost of using donor eggs ranges from around $24,000 to $25,000 every cycle, but the cost of using donated sperm is likely to be under $500 for one vial.

3. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

If you decide to go through the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF), you will have to undergo a number of treatments, including those requiring drugs, ultrasounds, blood work, anesthesia, and embryology procedures. And how much does all of it cost? Something between $13,000 and $14,000.

4. Egg Preservation

The amount of medicine that is required to boost the ovaries is a significant factor in determining the cost of egg preservation. For instance, the total cost of this surgery might reach up to $10,000.

5. The Transfer of Frozen Embryos

In a manner comparable to that of IVF, the frozen embryo transfer involves other treatments in addition to the uterine transfer, such as an ultrasound, blood testing, embryology procedures, and others. All of them might end up costing you a total of $2,500.

Is It Even Possible to Bring Down the Price of These Procedures?

Feeling overpowered by all those numbers? It’s to be expected in light of the current circumstances we find ourselves in. There is a good chance that you may reduce your expenses in some way, which is excellent news for soon-to-be parents.

Unfortunately, even while the laws in 15 different states mandate that insurance companies provide plans that include coverage for fertility treatment, your employer is not required to provide you with access to these plans.

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