Conceiving the First Baby in Space is Going to Be Possible After All, Scientists Say

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The Dutch firm SpaceBorn United is preparing to test humanity’s reproductive potential in space by sending a miniature IVF and embryo incubator into orbit. Though potentially beneficial, there are still many open questions. If completed, these endeavors would mark humanity’s first hesitant steps beyond Earth’s atmosphere and into interstellar space.

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Space Baby!

We intend to perform conception and early embryo development in space. If we want to have human settlements, for example, on Mars, and if we want to make those settlements really independent, that requires solving the reproduction challenge, stated Dr. Egbert Edelbroek, SpaceBorn United’s CEO.

It would appear that the fascination with space travel is universal at the moment. The Gateway program, a joint effort between NASA and its Canadian, Japanese, and European counterparts, aims to construct a human-tended space station in lunar orbit. Meanwhile, numerous billionaires are moving forward with objectives to create settlements on Mars and Venus and to launch space tourism businesses. So, it comes naturally to wanting to conceive babies in space, isn’t it?!

However, here’s the catch. There are several obstacles to overcome while trying to actually conceive and deliver a healthy baby in space, including radiation and the lack of gravity.

SpaceBorn United’s apparent commitment to the possibility of space conception fills us with optimism. The business just finished a drop test for the effects of radiation on biological material from 20 km (12.4 mi) above Earth, which took place in late August.

Another great space success was marked by India’s latest mission with the Chandrayaan-3 landing on the south pole of the Moon. And Japan, too, has experienced success in space, sending a spacecraft to the Moon.

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