How to Fly Cheap This Year Based on What Google Flights Recommends You?

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When you don’t take into account all that has to be, flight booking might be an extremely frustrating process for you. Even though it isn’t even really fall yet, a lot of people have already started planning their getaways for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays. So, would you say that right now is the ideal time to purchase airplane tickets for holiday journeys? Or would you rather just hold off till you are closer to your anticipated departure time? The team working on Google Flights conducted an analysis of five years’ worth of price data in order to identify trends on the least expensive times to travel and the ideal time to book your flights for each season. Some of these trends have altered in 2023, according to the findings of the analysis that was conducted last year.

Try out Google Flights if you are interested in traveling in an affordable and secure manner while taking advantage of all the benefits that flying can provide. Let’s find out exactly which travel trends you should be basing your booking decisions on this year so that you can save the most money.

When to Buy Plane Tickets at Their Lowest Prices?

According to Google Flights, if you browse for flights between Tuesday and Thursday rather than over the weekend, rates have been only 1.9% lower on average over the previous five years.

Also, Google believes that the following things are the optimal periods to make travel plans for the holidays and vacations:

Summer vacation: Prices for flights within the country in July or August are normally at their lowest between 14 and 44 days before departure, reaching their all-time low 21 days before departure.

Thanksgiving and Christmas: Flights during the winter vacations may often be purchased between 54 and 78 days in advance, which is when they are at their lowest. When planning travel for Christmas, you should stay updated on rates 71 days in advance, which is the beginning of October.

Spring break: According to Google, costs for flights within the country in March and April are normally at their lowest between 23 and 59 days before travel, with prices reaching their lowest point 38 days before departure.

The Days With the Lowest Airfare

According to Google, the second half of the week is the best time to find the best flight deals. Flights that depart during the weekdays (Monday through Wednesday) might be anywhere from 12% to 20% less expensive than weekend departures. And now for something really wonderful! If you are okay with the additional time it takes to travel to your destination, scheduling a ticket with a layover rather than an aircraft that goes nonstop is another way to save around 20% on your airfare.

TIP: If you overspend for your flight, Google will credit your account with the difference.

Keep an eye out for a price spike whenever you make a booking for a flight via Google. However, if the price ends up being lower than what was originally advertised, Google will reimburse you the difference using Google Pay. Neat!

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