New Gene Discovery Said to Aid the Chemo-resistant Cancer Therapy

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Patients who have advanced HNSCC have a survival probability of fewer than 25%, mostly because the disease is immune to treatment, including radiation and chemotherapy. As a matter of fact, HNSCCs are responsible for approximately 90% of head and neck malignancies. Regrettably, there are currently no individualized therapies available that take the patient’s genetic composition into consideration. However, that might change in the near future.

A group of bold researchers has identified two genes, NEK2 and INHBA, that are resistant to the chemotherapy treatment for head and neck tumors. They have also discovered that the treatment may be made far more successful by suppressing these genes.

Our study has shown that in head and neck cancers, at least, it is these two particular genes that could be behind this, which can then be targeted to fight against chemoresistance, explained Teh Muy-Teck, the senior author of the recent study.

After analyzing 12 distinct types of chemotherapy-resistant cancer cell lines with 28 genes, the researchers determined that four of the genes warranted more research. They were also successful in searching through a “chemical library,” and coming across the fact that the NEK2 and INHBA genes could be repressed by utilizing the fungal toxin Sirodesmin A and Carfilzomib, which is derived from bacteria. Both of these substances were proven to be effective. It is possible to silence the genes that lead to chemoresistance in HNSCC, which would then enable the currently available treatments to achieve what they are intended to do.

The researchers were able to render HNSCC cancer cells about 30 times more sensitive when treated with the standard chemotherapy medication cisplatin by targeting two of these four genes, NEK2 and INHBA, using the drugs Sirodesmin A and Carfilzomib. In addition, Sirodesmin A and Carfilzomib might be used as complementary therapeutic options.

Additional study is required in order to discover other important information.

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