Aliens Could Be Found Using an AI Test, Scientists Claim

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Are we alone in the Universe? If aliens exist, where are they? How many alien species are there in the Universe or in the Solar System? Would aliens be hostile to us, or would they come with friendly objectives? Could aliens actually be among us already? Is your neighbor an alien? Are you an alien yourself, and you haven’t found out yet?

Hopefully, humanity will get to answer such questions soon enough thanks to a little test that might tell us how to find extraterrestrial life. The new breakthrough seems to be capable of searching for the “holy grain” when it comes to astrobiology. The test claims to be able to tell if there is or was life on another planet, according to The Independent.

The ‘alien hunter’ test harnesses the power of AI

The potentially revolutionizing test uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to determine if a sample of material is biological or not, and the accuracy is about 90 percent. That’s impressive!

Existing samples could already be put to the test with the new breakthrough. For instance, it could already be possible to tell if there is life on Mars, which is one of the biggest questions in astronomy. If the Universe is indeed teeming with life as many of us suspect, we shouldn’t be surprised if any little green men live right ‘next door,’ such as on planet Mars.

Jim Cleaves, the lead author of the research who also activates at the Earth and Planets Laboratory, Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington, DC, explained as The Independent quotes:

The implications of this new research are many, but there are three big takeaways: First, at some deep level, biochemistry differs from abiotic organic chemistry; second, we can look at Mars and ancient Earth samples to tell if they were once alive; and third, it is likely this new method could distinguish alternative biospheres from those of Earth, with significant implications for future astrobiology missions.

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