Moon Space Base: China Wants to Build Bases in Moon Caves

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China is now mulling over a fascinating new proposal, the specifics of which are going to blow your mind. The country is considering constructing a space station within the lunar lava caverns because it is possible that these caves contain a resource that is too important to ignore. Caves on the Moon might provide protection for us in the same manner that they did for our ancestors on Earth. That’s quite a feat.

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The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has discovered hundreds of lunar skylights,’ which are places where the ceiling of a lava tube has fallen, creating a natural aperture into the tube. This is a lot of space to deal with, and it may be possible for them to give the astronauts the necessary shelter.

But there are also various factors to consider.

The fluctuating temperatures on the Moon will provide challenges for humans to overcome. The natural satellite of our planet is a globe with wildly varying temperatures. Temperatures on the surface of the Moon may reach a maximum of 127 degrees Celsius on one side of the Moon since it is exposed to sunlight for fifty percent of the time. The temperature might drop to as much as -173 degrees Celsius on the side that is obscured by darkness. Can you imagine such a thing? How about feeling that? On the surface of the Moon, radiation presents an additional risk. It has the potential to be up to 150 times stronger than the surface of the Earth.

Fortunately, the concept is translated into more possibilities.

Several groups of researchers have investigated the possibility of employing lava tubes as a form of housing. Zhang Chongfeng, a researcher from the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, recently gave a presentation about his investigation into the subterranean realm of lava tubes at a conference in China. His statement is quite motivational. Zhang believes that there are sufficient parallels between the lava tubes on the Moon and those on Earth for one to be considered a replica of the other. Exploration of the lunar lava tubes in Mare Tranquillitatis (also known as the Sea of Tranquility) and Mare Fecunditatis is a top priority for China.

After successful exploration, the next step in China’s goal is to establish a crewed outpost. It would be an underground research facility designed for the long term that would be located in one of the lunar lava tubes. At the entrance to the tube, there would be a maintenance center for fuel and communication.

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