How to Get Rid of Garlic Breath in No Time? You Might Want to Try This New Remedy

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Sheryl Barringer, a food scientist working at Ohio State University, has been able to successfully uncover a variety of scientific remedies to the problem of garlic breath. These solutions include the acids found in apples, the fat found in milk, and mint. Well, you know what they say. Garlic is one of those ingredients that you either like or despise, but studies have shown that it offers a number of health benefits when used in cooking and in medicine. But how do you deal with bad breath after you’ve eaten garlic?!

Find more about the new remedy below.

We know proteins bind flavor – a lot of times, that’s considered a negative, especially if a food with high protein has less flavor; […] I was more excited about the protein’s effectiveness because consumer advice to eat a high-fat food is not going to go over well, explained Barringer.

Barringer and her coworker, Ph.D. student Manpreet Kaur, conducted experiments in which they added yogurt to a jar containing sliced raw garlic. They observed that the amount of sulfurous fumes produced by the garlic was decreased by 99 percent once the yogurt was added. In further trials, it was shown that milk and butterfat protein were superior to water in their ability to tamp down the pungent volatiles produced by garlic. It would appear that both of these components are “excellent treatments” for these odiferous chemicals.

That shows that proteins actually do play a significant role in reducing the effects of garlic breath and that they are also a component of what gives yogurt such an adequate remedy. How delightful!

The impact of yogurt on the actual smell of garlic breath in individuals was not investigated at the moment. That still has to be tested, but Berringer argues that in order for the solution to be successful, the yogurt would have to be consumed only a short time after the garlic. This is necessary for it to be effective.

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