Fructose is to Blame For Obesity, New Study Explains

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Fruit and vegetables contain a naturally occurring form of the sugar known as fructose. It’s truly amazing that the body can also create some fructose from glucose and other carbs, as well as salty meals. The problem with fructose currently is that it has been found to be the culprit in the fight against obesity. This is definitely a significant development. According to the findings of a comprehensive study directed by doctor Richard Johnson of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, the decision to cut back on one’s caloric intake, either carbohydrates or fats, may not be as important as making sure that one’s overall calorie intake is reduced in a healthy manner.

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Essentially, these theories, which put a litany of metabolic and dietary drivers at the center of the obesity epidemic, are all pieces of a puzzle unified by one last piece: fructose; […] Fructose is what triggers our metabolism to go into low power mode and lose our control of appetite, but fatty foods become the major source of calories that drive weight gain, explained Johnson.

The breakdown of fructose in the body produces a decline in a substance named adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the compound responsible for providing energy for the cellular activities that occur in your body. This discovery was made by Johnson and his colleagues after they did an intensive investigation of all the known factors that contribute to obesity.

Because the majority of the study that has been done on how fructose works has been centered on animals, further research is necessary to discover precisely how this operates. Just imagine how much such insights could help us come up with novel techniques for tracking and managing obesity.

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