This Soda Ingredient Could Finally Be Banned For Good by FDA

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As a result of recent toxicological investigations that make it challenging to defend its continued use, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering a proposal to withdraw the authorization of a synthetic vegetable oil referred to as BVO. Since the 1930s, brominated vegetable oil has been utilized as an emulsifying ingredient for the purpose of preventing citrus flavoring compounds from rising to the surface of carbonated beverages.

The proposed action is an example of how the agency monitors emerging evidence and, as needed, conducts scientific research to investigate safety-related questions and takes regulatory action when the science does not support the continued safe use of additives in foods, explained James Jones, FDA deputy commissioner for human foods.

The prohibition could be an omen of more changes to come, as Jones has announced that the Food and Drug Administration is examining guidelines that authorize the use of certain food additives, with the intention of automatically prohibiting the licensing of any food coloring agents discovered to trigger cancer in humans or animals, which would make for a more nimble bureaucratic process.

It hasn’t been possible to obtain data on the hazards caused by even these little quantities of BVO throughout the years since researchers have had to depend primarily on ongoing investigations that reevaluate health consequences in a significant sample size of patients. Despite this, there has been a steady accumulation of evidence. On the strength of the latest animal research based on relative amounts of BVO people are likely to swallow, the FDA is now satisfied that there is enough data to ban its usage completely. This has taken some time and a lot of additional studies, but the FDA is ultimately sure that there is adequate proof.

The FDA’s decision on the reclassification of BVO has yet to be made since it must first pass through a rigorous review procedure, which is anticipated to be finished at the beginning of 2024.

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