Find Out the Secret Meaning of a Woman Calling You ‘Daddy’

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You may have walked along the alley with your arm around your girlfriend or spouse, and she started to playfully call you ‘daddy.’ What does this mean in reality? At first, you may have been shocked and didn’t know how to react, so you just remained speechless. But there is a reason behind that word.

What’s for sure is that ‘daddy’ can be a word that connotes many things – it has been bastardized and even sexualized.

Being a sexual partner

If you’ve been thinking what we’ve been thinking, the answer is ‘yes,’ the word ‘daddy’ addressed to you by a woman can also mean that you two are sexual partners. Usually, the woman calls her boyfriend ‘daddy’ if he’s older and pays her bills. By calling you ‘daddy,’ the woman practically hypes your ego and flirts with you at the same time.

In other words, being what is known as a sugar daddy means that she is ‘justified’ to call you ‘daddy.’

It turns her one

This reason is somewhat relative to the one mentioned above: it simply turns her on to call you ‘daddy.’ A lot of women do this in a sexual setting. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you and your girlfriend start kissing and she suddenly calls you ‘daddy.’

Basically, ‘daddy’ has become a pretty common slang, as a lot of people use it across social media or in movies and TV series.

Having psychological issues

Another reason why a woman might call you daddy is because she has a dad issue and wants a male figure in her life, as she practically has a vacuum. In other words, she wants your help over her life in order to gain trust, protection, and safety. She might believe that something bad might happen to her because of a bad person and that you are the one who can scare that guy away.

You’re a leader

Women love leaders and guys who are in charge, and that can be a strong reason for her calling you ‘daddy.’ In other words, she respects you, even though at first glance, you might be tempted to feel offended by how she calls you. You might feel too old, while in reality, she is calling you ‘daddy’ due to the respect she has for you.

If, on the other hand, she is just being ironic when calling you ‘daddy,’ as she actually considers you immature, you will be able to tell. Trust us on this one!

You’re older

A reason why she might call you ‘daddy’ is that she may not have a strong reason at all. Does that sound funny? Well, if you’re older than your wife/girlfriend, don’t be surprised if she playfully calls you ‘daddy.’ That’s available, especially if the age gap between you two is significant, such as a decade or even more.

Women like to follow the lead of a more mature and smart guy, which means that her calling you ‘daddy’ is something that you should be proud of.

Has your girlfriend or wife ever called you ‘daddy’? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comment section!



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