The Main Issues With the Big Bang Theory: Could It be Just a Big Hoax?

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Astrophysicists, astronomers, and the scientific community in general accept the Big Bang Theory as the leading theory that explains how our Universe formed. They have some strong reasons to support it, such as the calculations of Einstein’s General Relativity Theory, the discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation, Hubble’s space observations from the 1920s, and so on.

But at the same time, what some scientists don’t like to admit is that the Big Bang Theory also has some inconsistencies and flaws. In order for an idea to be accepted by everyone as true, it has to respond to any possible inquiries; it needs to stand the test of debate regarding its truthfulness. You don’t see anyone doubting the fact that the water is wet or that the grass is green, for instance. That’s because there’s no logical argument to contradict the idea that water is wet or that the grass is green.

We can’t actually say the same about the Big Bang Theory, although everybody would like to know for sure how our Universe came into existence. Scientists should come up with a better and more compelling theory, even though the Big Bang Theory might not be far from the truth. Let’s find out why!

Where did the laws of physics come from?

The Big Bang Theory explains how matter, time, and space came into existence, but it doesn’t say anything about the origin of the laws of physics, which are also known as the laws of nature. Don’t they need to have had a beginning as well? The theory itself implies that nothing existed before the ‘bang,’ or at least nothing in our physical reality. That’s because the entire physical reality began to exist along with the Big Bang. But guess what? The laws of physics are obviously also part of that physical reality.

Why did the singularity have so much energy?

The Big Bang Theory says that in the beginning, our entire physical Universe, with all its galaxies, stars, and planets, was crammed down into a very tiny and extremely hot so-called singularity smaller than the tip of a pen. That singularity, therefore, had a tremendous amount of energy, but the problem here is that nobody explains where all that energy came from. There’s no reasonable explanation for why the singularity had so much energy in the first place.

Why did the singularity start to expand?

What is that special “something” that made the singularity start to expand and gradually form the Universe where we all live in? Scientists claim that the singularity even expanded at faster speeds than the speed of light. Scientists admit, although not very directly, that their understanding of the Big Bang breaks down at the singularity itself, as there’s no complete theory describing the exact conditions that existed at that specific moment.

Scientists are still trying to figure out the exact cause or trigger for the expansion of the Universe. Or, in other words, they have no idea why the singularity started to expand. What they know for sure is that there is a mysterious force known as Dark Energy in the Universe that accelerates the expansion today. Nobody has a clue what exactly that so-called Dark Energy is, either, although active research is ongoing to untangle the mystery.

Ultimately, as we said, the Big Bang Theory might still be true. We’re not saying that it isn’t. We’re just saying that there are some questions about it left unanswered.

What’s your take on the Big Bang Theory? Feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comment section!


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