This Baby Rhino is The World’s Rarest Mammal and It is So Incredibly Cute!

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In 2019, employees of Chester Zoo contributed to the successful completion of an ambitious operation that involved the relocation of a sizable population of eastern black rhinos that had been produced at zoos in Europe to a national park in Rwanda. The gestation period, also known as a mother’s carrying period, for black rhinos can extend for up to 16 months, and each mother can only have one calf at a time. The procedure as a whole is really great, and each animal gets the utmost assistance and attention that can be given.

Now, we are overjoyed to hear that the birth of a black rhino took place in the open air and in broad daylight at the zoo! The newborn rhino’s name has not been decided upon as yet, but the mother is known as Zuri. Watch a video of the new little bundle of joy here and prepare to be amazed!

We’d been eagerly awaiting this birth for 15 long months and, as it’s quite unusual for a rhino to give birth in daylight hours, we really didn’t expect it to happen right in front of us as we were going about our day. […] This precious newborn’s arrival is another positive step in safeguarding the species, which is what the endangered species breeding program in European conservation zoos that we’re a leading part of is striving to do, explained Emma Evision Chester Zoo’s rhino team manager.

There are currently less than 600 eastern black rhinos left in the wild, spanning the three countries of Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Even though these populations are gradually growing as a result of the installation of stringent precautions, time is not at all on the side of the species. That is really heartbreaking, indeed. Some researchers believe that in-capacity breeding initiatives are absolutely necessary for the continuation of the species’ existence in light of the ongoing destruction of its natural habitat. Supporting researchers’ work by spreading awareness is an initial step in saving extinct animals!

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