How to Prolong the Life of Your Teeth and Brighten Your Smile?

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We are more likely to live long, healthy, and happy lives if we have a healthy smile. However, much like our bodies, our teeth experience changes that are associated with aging. That is a terrible thing, isn’t it?! The amount of odontoblasts that are found in each tooth is limited, in contrast to the specific bone cells that are continually supplied and regenerate themselves. As the dentine loses its spring, our teeth get fragile and more prone to shatter because they are unable to regenerate themselves. So, how can we prevent it from happening and ensure that our teeth have a longer and healthier life?

We’ve compiled a smart mini-guide below with interesting facts and recommendations backed by experts. 

Safeguard your tooth enamel

Minimize your contact with acid in food (apple cider vinegar or lemons) or illness (reflux or vomiting) as much as you can in order to preserve enamel and take preventative measures against erosion. Make an effort to prevent additional enamel and dentine degradation by using dental brushes with soft bristles and kinds of toothpaste that do not include abrasive ingredients.

Don’t force anything

It is recommended that you wear a sleep guard in order to prevent pressures such as crushing or gripping from occurring. Additionally, it would be of great assistance if you started refraining from using your teeth to grip objects such as “tools” to open hard packages.

Handle the gum disease

In terms of aesthetics, the treatment of gum disease, also known as periodontitis, minimizes gum shrinkage, which often exposes the darker-colored tooth roots that are prone to develop holes. 

The bridge situation

It is important to discuss the matter with a dentist and have an understanding of the significance of restoring teeth that are missing with bridges, dentures that are properly fitted, or implants in order to stabilize your bite. For example, if you are lacking molars, you should learn how to equally distribute the forces that you use when you chew in order to avoid overloading the teeth that you still have.

Improve your salivary flow

Did you know that saliva cleanses our teeth, protects our teeth from acid assaults and possesses antibacterial characteristics that lower the risk of erosion and decay? As we become older, our salivary glands undergo changes that cause a decrease in both the quality and quantity of our saliva. Additionally, many drugs that are administered to address chronic conditions like anxiety and high blood pressure further contribute to this decline. How impressive!

Managing and preventing the aging process

The management of lifestyle variables such as smoking, diabetes that is not under control, and chronic diseases such as gum disease can help avoid harm to cells. Taking good care of yourself and quitting some ugly habits will surely make your teeth happy!

You should consider going to the dentist at least once a year in order to receive a checkup and extra information that might save the life of your teeth.

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