Work on Sudbury’s PET scanner to begin ‘in weeks’

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According to the CEO of Horizon Health North Hospital (HSN), the arrival of the positron emission tomodensometer (PET) is only a matter of time. Northeastern Ontario has been waiting for this important medical device for decades.

In a tweet on March 29, Dominique Giroux explains that the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has given the green light to the construction contract, at a cost of more than $4.6 million.

The total cost of the project is $8.9 million, including $4.3 million raised by the community.

Build North Construction will be responsible for the construction of the building that will house the TEP.

“It’s certainly a project that will be eye-catching,” says project director Andrew Nut. We will have to fully respect the budget and schedule.”

According to Nutt, the construction will take about nine months.

I believe the intention is to deliver the PET to the public by the end of 2018.

Andrew Nutt, Build North Construction Project Manager

Build North Construction is no stranger to HSN for having worked on the construction of the Old School Research Institute on Walford Road.

According to Mr. Nutt, once the work is completed, people will see a new structure of about two or three floors on the four pillars facing Paris Street.

“Horizon Santé-Nord will then be able to expand if the establishment wants to add more floors,” he says.

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