Community Hero Gets Rewarded After Helping Parkinson’s Patients

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Today we will be talking about Patricia Mauch who has just recently been nominated for an award for her work in helping people with Parkinson’s disease cope on a day to day basis.

Patricia’s work

In the past, Patricia Mauch was a social worker so it seems natural that she still has the skills to assist people that suffer from Parkinson’s. Moreover, her husband has the disease as well and she has followed him religiously to his meetings at the Parkinson’s support group for a number of years already.

The leader of the group also suffered from Parkinson’s and he could not always make the weekly trip to the meeting so Patricia decided to step in and hold the meeting while the man rested and recovered.

It looks like she has fit in very well with her new role in the community. Some of the most notable acts that she has pulled together refer to the fact that she has managed to group together exercise leaders, she got in contact with people that could prepare different refreshments for the people that go to the meetings, little things for the members to snack on if they feel a bit peckish, and she even managed to get people to keep a clear list of all the people that attend these meeting, including new members.

Over time she has managed to become one of the best organizers of this support group, looking after over thirty people from the community that suffer from Parkinson’s. Alpine Credits rewarded Patricia with 500 dollars for all her hard work.

We would also like to congratulate her on all the things that she has managed to do since we all know how hard it is to be an organizer and manage to motivate people to come to the meeting and create fun activities for them to partake in.

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