How the “Mission to the Moon” is Prepared

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Red Bull Media House and Vienna-based prodco Terra Mater will stamp the 50th commemoration of the Apollo moon landing, with an aspiring programming event.

Mission to the Moon will take after the Berlin-based collective, PT Scientists, as it endeavors the main private mission to go to the moon by propelling an unmanned spacecraft to the site of the first moon landing.

Is this the new Apollo?

They expect to make it an Apollo moment for another age. PTScientists trust that space has a place with everybody and Mission to the Moon will make space available for all people to investigate.
The point is to communicate live all through the event. Utilizing chip innovations from Infineon, the spacecraft ALINA, the Autonomous Landing and Navigation Module, will transport a couple of lunar rovers, created via the car company called Audi, to investigate the moon’s condition and catch the first high definition pictures from NASA’s Apollo 17 landing site.

The rovers will then approach and concentrate on NASA’s Apollo 17 lunar roving vehicle that was utilized by the last astronauts to investigate the Moon in the December of 1972. Those astronauts are Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt.

How Vodafone will change things

Vodafone will likewise be a piece of the group behind the task, setting up the initial 4G LTE network on the Moon, which will permit the Audi rovers to gather and transmit information and HD videos to ALINA, which will shift it to Earth. Different brands which are included in the mission are the watchmaker Omega, filling in as mission timekeeper, and the shoe mark On, which goes about as a mission adapt partner.

The mission will be archived with three live broadcasts, which will highlight multi-gadget compatible and HD pictures from space from different camera points. The cameras will catch the beginning of the mission from Earth, the arrival of ALINA on the Moon and the main look at the first lunar rovering vehicle.

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