RDC Kings Player Is Recovering After Life-Threatening Malformation Sent Him Into Surgery

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Nick Fountain from RDC Kings is expected to make a speedy recovery from an emergency brain surgery that happened last Friday. The 23-year old man is a forward for the team. He suffered from an arteriovenous malformation hemorrhage that needed to fixed immediately since it was life-threatening. The bleeding needed to be stopped as soon as possible to stop further damage to the brain.

More about his recovery

The team’s coach stated that Nick Fountain is currently in the intensive care unit and that he is expected to recover from this procedure in the next couple of weeks. The coach, Trevor Keeper, was also open about how the pain the Fountain experienced manifested. Apparently, the man started to experience some very sharp pain behind his eyes which were then followed by him starting to lose consciousness. At this point, people realized that something was wrong so it was very good that the man got to be treated and operated on very fast before things escalated.

It looks like other hockey players are showing support for Fountain, with many messages coming in for with to get better soon, even from players of the opposing teams. The level of support in this community is easily tangible and Fountain’s fellow teammates are also planning to visit him in the hospital to see how he is doing after the surgery.

Perhaps one of the most touching things is that Fountain’s teammates have decided to put up a number of things in order to help the 23-year old man’s family to hold out until the man recovers from his surgery. We wish him a speedy recovery as well with no complications as long the way so that he can come back to his family and later on continue his career as a hockey player.

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