Real Dinosaur Fossils Now Available On The Market

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No, this is not a joke or a play on words. Paris is going to hold up an auction this week in which the skeletons of two dinosaurs, an allosaurus and a diplodocus are going to be put up for sale. It is expected that the buyer, or buyers, are going to use these fossils as new age decoration items for their homes and there is nothing wrong with that. Perhaps there is going to be someone that will buy them to add to his or her personal collection. It remains to be seen.

Interested buyers

From what we have seen so far, it looks like the Chinese have begun to take an interest in paleontology so it would come as no surprise if they were to attempt to bid for these skeletons. We should not rule out multinational corporations from this auction as well. In the past, we have seen them take an interest in buying such astounding pieces of ancient history. Why? Because they are incredible at getting easy publicity under the guise of supporting a good cause. One such example would be how Walt Disney and McDonald’s fought over buying one of the best preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils ever found in order for it to be showcased at the Natural History Museum in Chicago.

Usually, on a yearly basis, there are around five dinosaurs that go up for auction. In this case, the diplodocus expected to be bought at half a million euros while the allosaurs is expected to fetch around 650 thousand euros. However, these numbers may vary but this is the most likely outcome out there.

The price of a dinosaur can go up if the fossil shows that it got in a fight or that it suffered from some terminal illness. Moreover, the more bones in the skeleton that are verified, the higher the price is going to be.

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