InSight Has Just Been Launched – Find Out The Details

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When rockets are launched by NASA people are usually always excited to see it launch and watch it go out of Earth’s orbit and onto the trajectory path that it need to follow in order to reach its destination. Such was the case with the Atlas V-401 rocket.

More about the launch

This launch took place in Lompoc Valley this Saturday and the small crowd that gathered to watch was happening in real time was overjoyed at the events that unfolded before them. The viewing parties were not allowed to stand right near the launch site but they could see the rocket being launched from the Lompoc City Airport and St. Mary’s Episcopal Church.

The launch took place at precisely 4:05 AM from the Vandenburg Air Force Base’s Complex 3. Visitors that came to the viewing areas were left slightly disappointed when there was no trail in the sky that would mark the launched trajectory of the rocket. This was all due to poor visibility and some people found it hard to watch the rocket get smaller and smaller as it went on its path.

More details about InSight

For those that do not know, InSight is one of the first interplanetary missions to take place which is meant to land on Mars. The journey is going to take roughly six months to compete but once it gets there it can starts to collect data which will be sent back to scientists here on Earth for it to be analyzed.

What scientist will be looking for is trying to analyze the geophysics of Mars in order to understand how planets like Mars (and Earth) were formed and how long did it take for this process to be completed. We are excited to hear what these scientists will find out but we know that it will take a while before conclusive data will reach our ears.

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