SpaceX Dragon Capsule just Came Back on Earth

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It looks like today we welcome back the return of space capsule SpaceX Dragon which was a cargo ship that recently came back from NASA’s International Space Station with over two tons of equipped on board. Today we will be taking a closer look at the journey that this capsule had to go through and at all the things that it brought back.

A long way from home

NASA initially scheduled the capsule to return on the 2nd of May but unfavorable weather conditions made the return date to be postponed in order to ensure that everything will go smoothly. When Dragon returned it completed its safe landing by splashing down into the Pacific Ocean, close to Long Beach, California.

What is it carrying

By now we are certain that you may have wondered what type of goodies does the capsule contain. Well, it brought along a number of different scientific gear which includes the mice that have been living in specially made habitats on the space station. They will be analyzed to see the effects that space travel had on them.

This is not all. The capsule also has on it samples of plants and insects and last but not least, human tissue. Perhaps one of the most important things that this capsule is bringing back home is NASA’s Robonaut 2 robot, which was designed so that it can help astronauts on the space station with their daily chores.

We are more than interested to see what the research was done on the mice and types of tissue that were brought back would result into. However, we understand that this process could take up some time so we are not expecting to hear scientists come up with the result in the near future. We are more than happy that this capsule was able to land safely so that it can bring all of these things.

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