Planet Nine Could Be Out There, A Dwarf Planet In The Outer Solar System Could Prove Its Existence

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There has always been the question whether Planet Nine exists or not, but now there’s proof that it might be near our solar system, after all. While most of the scientists believe that it’s only a myth, a recent study shows that there is a dwarf planet that could prove Planet Nine’s existence.

A space rock appeared to be moving according to the gravity of a planet, which could be the supposed Planet Nine. In 2016, astronomers observed space ice objects that revolved around a larger space object. They believed that there was a planet outside the solar system that affected the trajectory of the space rocks around it.

However, scientists haven’t yet observed the mysterious planet. But even NASA researchers have proved that the planet really exists.

Finding a Dwarf Planet – Does it Prove Planet Nine’s Existence?

A study that was focused on finding larger space objects discovered a dwarf planet called 2015 BP519. This large space object fascinated astronomers, as it was very different from the ones in our solar system.

Researchers calculated the trajectory of a space object if it would revolve around the mysterious Planet Nine. The orbit turned out to match the orbit of the newly discovered dwarf planet, the 2015 BP519.

One of the authors of the study, David Gerdes admitted that:

“This is not proof that Planet Nine exists (…) But I would say that the presence of such an object in the solar system reinforces the hypothesis about its existence.”

More Proof Came to Light

In 2016, a new study published by the astrophysicists at the California Institute of Technology brought further proof. They looked at the Kuiper belt which has six objects that have the same elliptical orbits. The six space objects have a different orbit than the orbits of the planets in the Solar System.

The different orbit meant that they were attracted to the presence of a ninth Planet, proving that it is somewhere, waiting to be discovered.

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