Kozhikode to Be on Alert as an Obscure Virus Leaves Eight People in Critical Condition

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After three deaths being reported from a single family in Perambra, in provincial Kozhikode, after being infected by an ‘obscure’ virus, the district health department has held 25 individuals under observation in an isolated ward in Medical College. All these 25 individuals are local people who come from Perambra, which has been affected by the infection.

Then again, the district officials have affirmed that the ‘obscure’ virus has infected two more individuals. One of the contaminated people is from a similar family whose three individuals have just died from the infection. His condition is said to be critical, and he’s admitted in a private hospital at Kozhikode. The second individual is admitted to a private hospital in Kochi. With this, the health department has affirmed the ‘obscure’ virus in four individuals altogether.

As per the data accessible, in total eight people have been admitted to different hospitals, including Kozhikode Medical College after they showed that they have the symptoms identified with this infection.

Six individuals have been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Kozhikode Medical College. They have been admitted following fever and breathing issues. It is also known that five of the six who have been admitted in Kozhikode Medical College is from a similar region.

There is a control room set up

The district administration has prepared a set up a control room with 0495 2376063 as the crisis number in the wake of more individuals getting affected by the infection. Local people are asked to alert the authorities if there should be an occurrence of a crisis.

There are medicinal camps

In the wake of the reports, the health department has quickly acted with a specific end goal to control the issues. Unique medicinal camps were held on Saturday, which continued on Sunday. The camps were led by virology expert Dr. G Arun Kumar, head of Virus Research Department in Manipal Hospital.

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