New Video Game Shows How Difficult it is to Survive on Mars

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People have long dreamt of colonizing other planets. As you hear it all over the news, Mars seems to be a fan (and scientists’) favorite. The new video game “Surviving Mars” gives players the chance to do exactly that: build your base on the Red Planet and try your hand at surviving in those harsh conditions.

The new game draws similarities with the 2016 “Stellaris”, but even players familiar with the latter could use taking a look at the comprehensive tutorial for “Surviving Mars” in order to avoid premature death.

How it works

To start off, it’s useful to know that the game does not send you empty-handed on the new planet. You receive some basic supplies in order to set up your city that should ease your way into the first stages of the game.

At first, your aim will be to send the first people to the surface and in order to do this you’ll require a properly developed infrastructure for them to make it. There will be a lengthy to-do list that might take some time to complete but it will be worth the hassle once you’re able to start your colonization project.

Your problems do not cease after you get your infrastructure in place – things break down, your colonists are bound to experience health problems, and the planet sets traps for you every step of the way. But tackling these issues is not impossible and will prove very rewarding in the end.

Where to start

The game is developed by Paradox Interactive and is available for the most popular consoles and PC platforms. If you’re in need of an even greater challenge, try the additional downloadable content.

But don’t let the apparent difficulty of this game scare you away from exploring Mars – it will give you hours of fun, satisfaction at being able to find solutions to the constant stream of challenges you encounter and a great experience overall.

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