Stunning Photo from the International Space Station shows our Planet Covered in a Sea of Clouds

A new image of Earth was shared on social media by astronaut Alexander Gerst capturing our Planet coated in a layer of clouds.

The spectacular picture was taken from aboard the International Space Station, which orbits at an altitude of between 205 and 270 miles above the surface. The astronaut shared the image with his followers on Twitter last Sunday.

Taken from one of the station’s windows, the image shows the curvature of the Earth, a mass of dense white clouds covering our planet, and some devices connected to the space station visible in the middleground.

For most of us who have never been aboard a space station, this scenic depiction brings closer the views seen only by those aboard the ISS.

But it is not the first image to do so – Gerst regularly shares pictures of the Earth taken in the Horizons mission. One of his previous videos showed the journey in flight from Alaska to the Andes in 260 seconds. He is at present in his second tour on the ISS, ensuring the leadership of the current expedition.

Other members of the crews on the ISS post frequent reminders of how their life is unfolding in space. Working in an atypical environment, Oleg Artemyev, a Russian cosmonaut, shared via Twitter details on the narrow passages connecting different sections of the ISS and how astronauts travel through them. His video reveals the longest path on the ISS, crossing the main section, the canteen, the Russian section all the way to the storage and service modules.  His social media posts previously shone a light on the preparations made before a spacewalk and on how cosmonauts maintain their health by exercising on the station.

The International Space Station accommodates six astronauts at the moment, serving as a research laboratory for diverse experiments.

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