Scientists Want To Clone Extinct Species, Such As The Woolly Mammoth, in Siberia

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It’s not like the dinosaurs will return to this world, but there is a laboratory that tries to clone extinct species, such as the woolly rhinoceros or the woolly mammoth. Is the science advanced enough to achieve such results? The Russians and the South Korean researchers think it is.

So far, the idea has emerged in Russia, where the laboratory will be opened in the Siberian steppes, and where attempts will be made to recover species that disappeared hundreds or thousands of years ago, but not millions, as in the case of dinosaurs. At the moment, the laboratory has not yet opened its doors, although it will be presented shortly.

The laboratory, run by specialists from the Federal University of Northeast and scientists from South Korea, will analyze the remains of species such as the woolly rhinoceros or woolly mammoth, so that, if there is an option to clone them, they may be able to return them to life after so many years of extinction.

Will be ethical and safe to clone extinct species such as the woolly rhinoceros and the woolly mammoth?

In addition to the two species mentioned above, the researchers would also analyze other extinct species including ancient horses or cave lions.

Now, is it ethical to play with the DNA of extinct species to bring them back to life? According to evolution and its laws, these animals had their chance and were not able to go any further. But how would nature itself respond if these extinct species would return to life now, thousands of years later?

Moreover, the behavior of these animals is not well known either. If they were to exist again, could they be dangerous to human life?

The fact is that this group of scientists will work with the DNA of long-gone animals, trying to clone extinct species such as the woolly rhinoceros and the woolly mammoth, among others, intending to learn more about the Earth’s history.

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