Matt Lauer is Preparing to Re-start his TV Career

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As we all know, Matt Lauer was fired from the Today show last year in November. The reason invoked by Andy Lack, the NBC News chairman, was “inappropriate sexual behaviour”. According to his statement, Matt Lauer is currently spending his days in the house from Hamptons.

Considering the fact that the residence is worth over $33 million, it’s no wonder that it is the perfect environment for keeping the man focused on family matters. Also, he has enough time to think about a possible career comeback. Recently, Lauer announced that fans might soon see him back on TV.

The same reason for being fired lead to his divorce

According to Page Six, Matt Lauer will have to pay around $20 million to the woman who will soon become his former ex-wife. Due to the man’s “inappropriate sexual behaviour”, Annette Roque will receive an important part of his fortune.

Sources say that, for their kids’ sake, the parts have agreed to make a settlement during their divorce. When they first discussed about separation, the former TV host was very upset about the terms.

Things didn’t look so good for Lauer. However, the soon-to-be ex-couple wanted to avoid a long, tiring and ugly trial. Besides, their kids’ well-being is all that matters.

Until the former TV stars figures out what he wants to do in his private life, let’s find out more about his activity during last months. Despite the fact that he’s out of the spotlight, Lauer has been active the whole summer.

For example, in July, he talked about New Zealand Government’s attempt to convince him of the necessity of letting hikers use a part of his property for getting to Hawea Conservation Park. Lauer didn’t except to allow access on his Hunter Valley Station ranch for free.

It looks like Mat Lauer hasn’t spoken his final word in the world of television. Let’s wait and see how things will evolve for him.

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