Your Body Will Change If You Stop Eating Carbs, And You May Not Like It

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Since the Atkins diet and others like it emerged, so did the theory that carbs are bad for health and a significant factor of weight gain. However, a recent study by the International Food Information Council Foundation conducted on 25,000 respondents revealed something different. If you stop eating carbs, you might indeed lose weight, but that may also trigger some other, harmful changes.

Are carbs beneficial or not?

According to the recent research, surprisingly for some, cutting carbs from your diet is not a smart thing to do since low-carbs diets cand cause you more harm than good, and might also increase the risks of premature death by 30% due to increased cardiovascular diseases and cancer risks.

“The effects of a menu of pork rinds and beef jerky can’t be directly compared to the impact of eggs with spinach and avocado,” said Julie Stefanski RD from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Thus, there are quality carbs and bad carbs.

If you stop eating carbs, your body will change, and you may not like it how

First of all, carbohydrates mean energy, so when you stop eating carbs you will feel sleepy and tired, and that would also affect your workout sessions. Not to mention that you’ll have morning breath all day long due to the ketosis.

Also, your brain might be fuzzy, and you’ll have focusing difficulties if you stop eating carbs. Besides, you can develop a vitamin deficiency.

On the good side, you can indeed lose some weight because of cutting off carbs, but most of that would be water your body eliminates, so means nothing in the long-term. But, indeed, people who stop eating carbs are feeling full and say they are not as hungry as before anymore.

In conclusion, if you think to stop eating carbs, think again because cutting off carbohydrates is not a smart thing to do. Instead, adopting a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, and a regular workout regimen is much better.

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