Young People Are Drinking Less – It’s Healthier, But Not Boring

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When it comes to our health, we all know that drinking too much alcohol isn’t necessarily a good thing. However, there’s some good news – young people now are actually drinking less than previous generations did. There are plenty of theories as to why – from the increased risks of cancer, through to the fact that many of today’s younger generation simply cannot afford it – but it also might be because it’s now more socially acceptable not to.

Celebs Are Going Sober

While the news is unfortunately filled with celebrities who struggle with matters of addiction and alcohol abuse, there are many others who have made an active commitment to sobriety, which could, in turn, inspire the general public to live healthier lives. Just this year, rapper Eminem celebrated ten years of sobriety. However, he is not alone – everyone from Harry Potter himself (Daniel Radcliffe) to Tyler, The Creator also abstains.

We Can Do So Much at Home Now

It’s no secret that social media and other online activities are keeping many people inside the home. In fact, when we look at the activities of teens, a UK study reveals that two thirds prefer to socialise from the comfort of their bedrooms, with boys preferring to game and girls preferring apps like Instagram and Snapchat. While this can make some people nervous – social media can also be somewhat detrimental, after all – it’s actually arguably safer for them. This could be why research across the globe points to far fewer teenagers engaging in underage drinking.

Of course, it’s not just social media that keeps us at home – it’s the sheer volume of other things we can do as well. Instead of heading out to our favourite restaurants with friends, you can now order such a multitude of food online thanks to services like DoorDash and UberEats.

And when it comes to the Internet, this can actually be a social affair outside of the social networks themselves. For example, gaming online is now massive and not just among the aforementioned male Gen Z sectors of society. Gaming can be done in groups together – whether that’s using consoles or whether it’s using online slotmachines. The latter are growing in popularity, as you’ll often find an impressive range of hundreds of different slots, as well as advice on how to play them, as evident on the Mr Green site. All tastes are catered to because slots even have different themes.

Millennials Are Demanding Alternatives

These days there are so many social activities to partake in, that they don’t all need to revolve around alcohol. That means when young people do go out, there are options.

Instead of evenings built around clubs and bars, businesses are competing to be unique and Instagram-worthy. That means we’re seeing a rise in places where alcohol is a secondary factor, which doesn’t need to be factored in at all. Urban crazy golf courses, pop-up restaurants and retro-style bowling alleys and arcades geared towards adults are springing up all over the place.

Alcohol isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – and nor does it need to – but it’s refreshing to know that there are other options out there for those worried about their physical and mental health.

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