Michigan Man Discovered That The Rock He Used As A Doorstop Is, In Fact, A $100K-Worth Meteorite

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A man from Grand Rapids, in Michigan, US, just discovered that a 22-pound rock he used as a doorstop is a $100,000-worth meteorite that fell on Earth about 90 years ago.

This guy, who wanted to remain anonymous, bought a property in Edmore, Michigan, in 1998. Back then, he noticed the huge rock for the first time as it was keeping the door from closing, as Central Michigan University reported. When the man asked the former homeowner about the intriguing rock, the ex-owner revealed that it is a meteorite that smashed on the property back in the 30s.

This year, however, the man decided to find out everything about the mysterious rock, so he took it to Mona Siberscu at Central Michigan University’s College of Science and Engineering. She analyzed the meteorite and observed it was about was 88 percent iron and 12 percent nickel.

“It’s the most valuable specimen I have ever held in my life, monetarily and scientifically,” said Mona Sirbescu.

Michigan Man Discovered That The Rock He Used As A Doorstop Is, In Fact, A $100K-Worth Meteorite

To be sure about what did she find there, Mona Sirbescu sent the space rock to the Smithsonian Institution for a second opinion.

“What typically happens with these at this point is that meteorites can either be sold and shown in a museum or sold to collectors and sellers looking to make a profit,” Sirbescu explained.

After analyzing the rock themselves, the Smithsonian Institution researchers confirmed the Sirbescu’s first results. Now, they think to buy the mysterious meteorite. Besides, a museum in Maine is also interested in purchasing the space rock.

However, the Michigan man stated that, regardless of how much money he makes with the meteorite, he will donate 10% to the Central Michigan University. And that could mean something substantial as the space rock might be worthing more than $100,000.

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