A Man from Michigan used a $100k Meteorite as a Doorstop

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A Michigan man discovered that its doorstop is worth $100,000. According to Detroit Free Press, the rock weighing 22 pounds is a 30-year-old meteorite.

The owner did not want to be identified, but he said that he had noticed the rock for the first time when he wanted to buy a farm in Edmore in 1988.

The owner of the farm told him that the rock plunged to Earth as a meteorite in the 1930s making a very strong noise. The next day he and his father decided to investigate, and they extracted a still-warm rock from a crater.

When he moved a few years later, he kept the mystery rock both for a show-and-tell item for his kids in school and as a doorstop.

The owner of the magnificent meteorite did not know that its doorstep would end up being worth so much.

He decided to find out how much his rock was worth when he realized that other Michigan residents would sell the meteorites they found.

In order to do that he sought help from a geology professor at Central Michigan University, Mona Sirbescu, to examine the rock.

The professor told us that she knew it was a special rock at first glance. After a short examination processed, she said that the rock was made 11.5 percent out of nickel and 88.5 percent out of iron.

Besides its unique specifications, the rock is also the sixth largest meteorite recorded in Michigan, and that gives it such a worth in money.

Now with this finding, the man can sell his meteorite to the government and facilitate more data to scientist while becoming a little more productive as well. What an interesting story with such a happy ending!

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