Lack Of Enough Efforts To Fight Climate Change Triggers Increased Health Risks For Canadians

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A brand new report coming from one of the most prestigious medical journals highlights that Canadians’ failure to cut greenhouse-gas emissions is not just killing the planet, but it’s also killing Canadians.

The report was published in The Lancet, and it details the health impacts of climate change.

It concludes that tackling climate change could be the most important thing that the government could do in order to improve the human race’s health during this century.

The chronic exposure to air pollution from greenhouse-gas-emitting activities contributes to the deaths of an estimated 7,142 Canadians a year, and 2.1 million people worldwide, according to the report.

As expected, heat waves, forest fires, massive storms are causing more deaths and long-term illness than anything else, but there’s not enough data to see exactly how many.

The very first recommendation that the report provides is tit imply track the number of heat-related illnesses and deaths in Canada.

People dying due to the heat wave 

CBC writes that “Last summer, public-health officials in Quebec said 90 people died during a heat wave. Southern and eastern Ontario suffered the same heat but Ontario doesn’t track heat-related deaths the same way, so nobody knew how many people had been affected in the province next door.”

Dr. Courtney Howard said that at the moment the world could not adapt to the high increase in temperatures and this will only result in more illness and deaths.

“We’re not sure we can adapt to that in a way where we can maintain the same civilizational stability and health-care systems we’re used to,” said Howard.

“We’re talking about not just maintaining disease levels; we’re talking about our ability to provide health care,” she continued.

If people’s efforts to stop climate change are not intensifying, the change to the world will be massive, and it will also result in more wars and migration as well.

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