Mysterious Seismic Waves Vibrated Near Africa And Hit Canada – The Cause Is Unknown

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If seismic waves are emerging near an island off of Africa and they hit Canada, there’s a near zero chance that anyone can feel them, at least judging by the latest event. A strange phenomenon took place earlier this month.

The strange seismological phenomenon originated close to the island of Mayotte off the Madagascar coast on November 11.

These have been detected early on by a Twitter user who posted U.S. Geological Survey data that was showing that they have been detected at a monitoring station in Kilima Mbogo, Kenya.

The very same user then tweeted that the waves have also been detected in Zambia, Ethiopia, Spain, and New Zealand as well.

John Cassidy who is an earthquake seismologist with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), later joined the fray, saying that the waves had been detected right across Canada, in Victoria, Haida Gwaii, Toronto, Ottawa, and Halifax.

The cause of the seismic waves in not precisely known

So, it more than obvious that these have been spotted all over the world. But it seems that no one felt them even at the moment in which they originated. All of this gives them a mysterious aura, according to Cassidy who talked to Global News.

No one can honestly explain what exactly happened. Usually, a tectonic earthquake generates primary waves and secondary waves, but this one did not produce either of them.

The ground moved up and down every 17 seconds as the waves flowed — “very slow shaking,” Cassidy said.

There is the possibility that an earthquake happened, but if it did, the event certainly wasn’t a “typical” one, he added.

“Based on the seismic events and GPS formation data, there is likely a volcanic link — a movement of magma chambers, etc.,” Cassidy said.

The interesting thing though is that the seismic waves originated in a location which hosted an earthquake swarm earlier this year and it seems that it can all be connected.

Mayotte saw “several hundred seismic events” recorded in the area starting in May.

“This indicates that the seismic energy released has weakened since the start of the crisis, although some earthquakes are still being felt by the population,” BRGM said.

The cause of the swarm is still under investigation.

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