Elon Musk Will Not Be Smoking Pot Publicly Soon, Says NASA Chief

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As expected, NASA was not pleased at all when Elon Musk smoked pot on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast from back in September.

While speaking to the reporters this Thursday in Washington D.C., NASA administrator Kim Bridenstine said that Musk’s behavior was not at all an appropriate one.

Musk won’t smoke again in public 

After the incident on September 6, Bridenstine stated that he “had some conversations” with the Musk and he believes “you won’t be seeing that again.” According to The Atlantic.

NASA also plans to conduct workplace reviews of SpaceX and Boeing which is another contractor, but which were already under consideration before Musk’s adventures on the Rogan podcast.

These reviews are needed to “ensure the companies are meeting NASA’s requirements for workplace safety, including the adherence to a drug-free environment,” Bridenstine said, noting the scrutiny is “necessary and appropriate” for human space exploration, according to The Atlantic.

While he was addressing various topics on the podcast, the host and comedian Rogan asked Musk if he wanted to smoke a bit of weed and of course, SpaceX founder agreed. He also drank some liquor on the show.

NASA has strict policies on drug and alcohol-free environment

NASA has stringent policies on drug and alcohol-free environments for its contractors. Both Boeing and SpaceX are developing spaceships together with NASA that will be carrying U.S. astronauts into space for the very first time since the last space shuttle flight in 2011.

Musk’s smoking weed, Bridenstine said, “was not helpful, and that did not inspire confidence, and the leaders of these organizations need to take that as an example of what to do when you lead an organization that’s going to launch American astronauts,” according to The Atlantic via Fortune.

Next year, SpaceX is preparing for the very first flight of its Dragon crew capsule with two astronauts on board. An empty test flight is scheduled for January 7 from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

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