NASA Warning: Giant 90 Foot Asteroid Is Heading To Earth Today

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There’s an enormous asteroid that could potentially destroy life on Earth on its way to us this afternoon NASA warns. We’re not saying that it has the potential of wiping out all life on the planet, but some would definitely be in danger.

The deadly asteroid is larger than a two-story house, and it has been named by NASA, Asteroid 2018 WN.

The huge space rock is expected to skim past our planet, and it will be making its closest appearance at 11:49 am GMT.

The asteroid won’t collide with Earth, NASA assumes 

Even if NASA astronomers have calculated the asteroid is not precisely on a trajectory to collide with us, its destructive potential is pretty freaky, you have to admit.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientists estimate the asteroid measures somewhere in the region of 40ft to 91ft (12m to 28m).

The asteroid may not bring the end of life on our planet as we know it, but it does hold potential danger for highly populated areas.

More than 1,000 people were injured back in 2013 after a 65ft-wide space rock erupted over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk, announces.

The resulting impact shattered windows, and shards of glass were sent into victim’s bodies.

According to Dr. Matija Cuk, Cornell University in New York, impacts with these smaller asteroids are very rare, and they’re not lethal.

She said: “Concerning smaller meteorites that hit the ground, they are a very low hazard and no human was ever reported being killed by a small meteorite.

There are other dangers than small meteorites

She continued and explained “I heard a story that a dog was killed by a meteorite that fell in 1911 in Nakhla, Egypt, and there were also instances of material damage. Still, traffic, pollution and even lightning are much more dangerous than small meteorites.”

Astronomers have recently admitted that there are undetected asteroids in our galaxy and some of them do pose a threat for life on Earth.

It seems that if a huge asteroid made a trajectory with our planet, it would leave no time to evacuate the ones who would be in the firing line.

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