Diet Coke Might Help In Weight Loss Diets, A Nutritionist Thinks – New Studies Suggest The Opposite

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Whether you want to lose some weight quickly or just cut out sugar from your diet, switching from regular sodas to sugar-free ones is a logical step to take. However, a new study said diet sodas are not as useful in losing weight as the majority of us think. But, according to a sports nutritionist, Scott Baptie, the founder of Food for Fitness, diet coke might help in weight loss diets.

“Sometimes artificially sweetened foods, although unlikely to serve any nutritional benefit, can eliminate sugar cravings,” wrote Scott Baptie in his new book “101 Ways To Lose Weight and Never Find It Again.” “If a zero-calorie diet drink is the drink of choice instead of its 300-calorie, full sugar counterpart, then that simple switch could make a big difference to your waistline,” Baptie added.

“Let’s say you have a 500ml bottle of fizzy drink with your lunch every day and you switch to the diet version. Just like that you’ve reduced your calorie intake by around 2,000 per week, and you can do it knowing that the evidence shows that it’s safe to do so,” he said.

New studies suggest that diet coke might not be helpful in weight loss diets

New studies, on the other hand, consider that diet coke and artificially-sweetened drinks are not entirely beneficial in weight loss diets, plus that they can cause several other severe health issues. However, that’s not what Scott Baptie believes, and he recommends people to take such researches with a grain of salt.

“If someone uses a study to make an argument, is the subject population relevant? If it was an animal study, do the findings apply to humans?” asked Baptie.

Referring to a 2017 study which concluded that diet fizzy drinks are more likely to cause strokes and neurodegenerative disorders, Scott Baptie told on The Insider that “this study is observational, meaning it doesn’t show exact cause and effect.” “It also may show ‘reverse causality’ whereby healthier behaviors (like drinking diet drinks instead of full sugar) are the result of the ill health in the first place, not the cause of it,” he added.

In short, Scott Baptie, a sports nutritionist, believes that diet coke and other sugar-free sodas might be beneficial in weight loss diets.

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