Potential Biggest Paleontology Story Of The Century: ‘Dinosaur Graveyard’ Dating From The Meteor Mass Extinction

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It’s been reported that this could be the biggest paleontology story of the century. On the other hand, there also seem to be some doubts about how world-changing this discovery really is.

News.com.au analyzes a story that seems to be mind-blowing for some people, and for others, some things are reportedly not adding up as they should.

In North Dakota, UK there’s been a significant discovery made – an amazing site which is said to be the home to a treasure trove “of fossils which show a meteor impact 66 million years ago that generated a tsunami-like wave in an inland sea that killed and buried fish, mammals, insects and a dinosaur.”

This event created a fossilized graveyard that preserved ancient animals and debris from the meteor that offers some pretty interesting insight into what was going on in the minutes and hours after the most important mass extinction event in the history of our planet.

“This is the first mass death assemblage of large organisms anyone has found associated with the K-T boundary,” palaeontologist Robert DePalma, told Berkeley News.

He continued and explained that “At no other K-T boundary section on Earth can you find such a collection consisting of a large number of species representing different ages of organisms and different stages of life, all of which died at the same time, on the same day.”

There isn’t enough evidence 

He said that this includes some dinosaur remains. This is shaping up to be one of the most mind-blowing stories of the century that was sparked by a widely shared New Yorker article named The Day the Dinosaurs Died which is reportedly flooded with some pretty unbelievable claims.

But after this article, a research paper followed that had been published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). The important thing is that this didn’t quite live up to the hype triggered by the magazine.

For instance, Stephen Brusatte, posted on Twitter the following: “This is an awesome site, but I don’t see any evidence for a dinosaur graveyard! Something is weird.”

Read more details in the original article.

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