Dog Owners Present Improved Fitness, New Research Revealed

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If you own a dog, you already know what that means, from love and affection to responsibility and care. From the greeting that you get every time you arrive at home, to the worries about your little pet if something terrible happens. Dog owners know and feel that it has more than a dog in the family; it has a loving soul, a needy child, a friend, a therapist. And according to a new study, dog owners show improved fitness in comparison with those who don’t have a dog.

Dog owners have improved fitness

The study suggests that dog owners are fitter than other people because they walk longer and often in comparison with non-owners. The study was conducted by Dr. Carri Westgarth, in which 191 dog owners and 455 non-owners were asked about what exercise habits they have or not.

The results are saying that a dog owner walks 9.6 times a week resuming 347 minutes, and the non-owners walks 4.6 times a week with a total of 159 minutes.

Having a dog also improves your mental health

Also, they reduced factors like age and gender-related issues, and it revealed that dog owners are still hitting the targets by about four times. That means that the dog owners have at least 150 minutes of moderate activity per week (nine from ten dog owners are hitting the target). And the non-owners are about six in ten that are hitting the mark.

Finally, this study is also providing dog support for justifying the need of environments for walking and pet-friendly housing; the fact that walking a dog can improve mental health and community spirit, and of course, do not forget about the love and funny moments that this animal can provide you. Having a dog is more than having an animal; it is the purest relationship that you could have with another living being.

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