Aliens From Mars Could Be Depicted as Fallen Angels in the Bible

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According to some theories, life on Earth originated from Mars and have been brought to our planet and planted by extraterrestrial beings resembling humans. Some alien enthusiasts believe that these aliens from Mars were depicted in the Bible as the infamous Fallen Angels.

How did Fallen Angels look like?

Talking to, Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadik mentioned the Books of Enoch, which tells a story of “a group of angels who descended to Earth in violation of divine law. They introduced to humanity ways, means, and knowledge – science and technology which we would not understand today.” He added that Fallen Angels “were in human form and called ‘אִישׁ,’ which means ‘men’ and looked just like us.”

Another expert, Dr. Jonathan Young, believes that “Fallen Angels were giants. They were at least 10 ft tall, were very striking to look at and had enormous eyes and no wings.”

Are aliens from Mars the Fallen Angels depicted in the Bible?

For at least a century, experts in the field have been wondering whether it is possible that Fallen Angels came to Earth not from heaven, but rather from Mars.

Now, thanks to observations of the astronauts living inside of the International Space Station, we have a much better idea about how a low-gravity environment could possibly affect human-like beings in the long term. Based on our current knowledge, it is expected that humans born on Mars could develop numerous features that the Bible attributes to the Fallen Angels.

The author of the bestseller Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA, Mike Bara, is convinced that human inhabitants of Mars would “become taller, they would have the bigger heads and skinnier limbs. They might grow slightly larger eyes, better equipped to see in the dark because there is less sunlight on Mars as it is further away from the Sun.” He added that such humans “could also look like representations of angels and various other god-like beings which we have read about in the Bible and other ancient documents.”

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