There’s No Connection Between The Cosmos and The Global Warming Here On Earth

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It is well-known that the internet is space filled with opinions, heated debates, and controversial statements. In recent years, many online communities discussed some theories which appear to be quite entertaining at first. Select community members will skim through scientific research, isolate a few facts, and present them as the absolute truth, giving birth to rumors which claim that cosmic phenomena can be blamed for a variety of events, including global warming or the imminent dawn of a new ice age.

Keep reading as we attempt to separate fact from fiction on a quest to shed a little light on the subject. Earth is a massive object whose climate is influenced by several factors, among which we can count the traces of heat which can be traced back to the formation of the planet, the energy obtained from solar radiation, the greenhouse gasses which can be found in the atmosphere and radiation decay.

Since the dawn of humanity, the heat which comes from the inner layers of the planet and radioactive decay has remained stable; this means that the global temperature is affected by the energy released by the sun and the effects of greenhouse gasses.

There is no link between the cosmos and the global warming on Earth

Many of the internet theories focus on sunspots. As time passes, the sun will through power cycles, with the most common one being the 11-year sunspot cycle. Right now we are close to the end of the current cycle, with solar activity being minimal. It is thought that there is no connection between these cycles and the temperature increase recorded in the last century.

Other voices cite orbital variations, cosmic rays and the reversal of the magnetic poles. Several studies proved that actual data could not back these arguments.

The truth behind all of these theories is a simple one: they are nothing than an attempt to diverge the public’s attention from the fact greenhouse gases are the prime cause for global warming and to assure it that nothing needs to be done since the balance will be restored naturally in the following years.

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