Breakthrough Discovery: Robots Coming To Life? – Machines Made From DNA Can Eat & Grow

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Here’s something worthy of a sci-fi movie: it has just been discovered that machine-made biomaterial is capable of metabolizing and self-organizing. This was all built in a lab, and it’s definitely mind-blowing.

Technology continues its blazing fast development, and it seems that eventually, the boundaries between machine and man are beginning to blur.

Pushing the limits of creating life further reported that researchers have been pushing the limits further, and it looks like what machines are capable of is changing.

Scientists from Cornell University have built machines from DNA which are capable of essential characteristics that are required in order for an entity to be considered alive.

They have explained to the online publication that we mentioned above that this lifelike biomaterial is capable of assembly, metabolism, and self-organization.

The online publication says that the material cannot only multiply in a similar way to DNA (the molecule carrying genetic instructions) in a cell but the mind-blowing thing is that it can also self-replicate like primary genetic material.

They reveal that this tech may also lead to “lifelike self-reproducing machines,” which can “evolve independently.”

Why build such a machine?

It was also reported that the study’s lead scientists Dr. Shogo Hamada and Dr. Dan Luo revealed the motivation for building this in the first place.

They said: “The material normally would be static and we try to introduce life properties into this material.”

They continued and explained that “This would be the first demonstration of the material that uses artificial biology and locomotion ability.”

They also addressed the fascinating potential of implementing life-like properties into a machine.

Hamada said: “Fundamentally this is a kind of a dream to create a robot that behaves life-like.”

The results are expected in the long term, and the experts are hoping to see a self-replicating machine someday or a self-evolving one – this is their long term vision.

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