CO2 Emissions Are Getting Higher in Canada, According To New Measurements

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After some measurements taken by Environment Canada scientists over the vast oil region in northern Alberta, they have discovered after the data collected that the CO2 emissions are significantly higher than indicated. After their flight over the area, the CO2 emissions were up to 123% higher than was reasonable. All the information about their findings is published in the journal Nature Communications.

What Have the Scientists Found?

The study is saying that after the measurements, the emanations found leads to 64% higher annual GHG emissions from surface mining operations. And other 30% are founded to be higher from the oil sand HGG emissions (17 Mt). All the data collected are higher than the ones reported by the companies.

Regarding the method of calculating emissions, scientists are using a combination of ground measurements based on mathematical modeling and fuel. The emissions calculated were gathered from mining, processing, upgrading, and tailing ponds.

CO2 Emissions Are Getting Higher in Canada

Those new findings are throwing a twist on the Government and its climate strategy for the country. The region of northern Alberta is the largest polluter in the country and the world’s third largest oil reserve. After the scientists have published the study, the companies from the industry have criticized those methods of measurements.

The companies are attacking the lead author of the study, John Liggio of only providing snapshots and not long-term data. Liggio is defending by saying that he and his team had measured the way the companies emit relative to what they produce. Besides this, they are analyzing information gathered in two different seasons.

To sum up, the companies are supportive, and they are agreeing to work with the scientists for reaching an agreement in these discrepancies. At some point, they have to understand why the top-down measurements are much higher than the bottom-up estimates.

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